The Office

The M. PEREIRA law firm provides personalized business services to its clients, in both the consulting and litigation areas.

The quality of the services is guaranteed by very well prepared professional associates or by carefully chosen partners.

This structure allows the office to operate throughout the entire Brazilian territory and in the main capitals of the world, in the most varied fields of national and international law.

M. PEREIRA ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS can include in its list of clients: sugar and alcohol processing plants, shoe industries, supermarket chains, industries linked to the sugar-alcohol sector, farming and cattle raising concerns, agricultural companies; automotive vehicle dealers and other general industrial and commercial businesses, in addition to companies from the health and high technology sectors, trading companiesand other private clients.

Its founding partner, lawyer MARCIO PEREIRA, has ample experience in the corporate consulting area, having managed the legal departments of various large companies, in addition to providing consulting services to innumerable others. Always guided by his concepts of social responsibility, MARCIO PERREIRA has always actively participated in the community. He received the award of ILLUSTRIOUS CITIZEN from the Municipal Chamber of the city of Sertãozinho, in recognition of his important services. He was also Director of the São Paulo Section of the Brazilian Bar Association for several terms of office and Vice-President of the Brazil-Mexico Chamber of Commerce.


Excellence in client service

With the sole objective of providing the best possible services to its clients quickly and at reduced costs, M. PEREIRA, in addition to its fixed team of lawyers, also counts on the services of interns, consultants and on the solid partnerships it has signed with other large law offices, located in the main capitals of Brazil and abroad.

In addition to its legal staff, M. PEREIRA ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS also relies on the services provided by its parafiscal staff – accountants and auditors, in addition to secretaries, clerks, telephone operators and drivers, all trained to offer thebest and most agile service, according to the client’s need.

With the objective of enhancing the knowledge of its professionals, the M. PEREIRA ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS office encourages their participation in recycling courses and extended university education. The large majority has or is in the process of completing their post-graduate courses or MBAs, with a constant focus on the provision of top quality services.

Although highly specialized, the M. PEREIRA professionals do not limit their activities to their specific areas of specialty; they are constantly in contact with all the other legal areas, particularly with the litigation area. The office firmly believes that, in order to provide good consulting services, a global view of the overall context is necessary; in other words, a consultant in the preventive area, with prior knowledge of the litigation area, will certainly have greater sensitivity to guide his client in negotiations, contracts and the like.

Thus, respect for the client, spirit of cooperation, and mutual assistance are values that are cultivated and preserved in the day-to-day activities of every M. PEREIRA ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS professional.

Our History

A Success Story

M. PEREIRA ADVOGADOS ASSOCIADOS was founded in 1991, by partners Márcio Pereira and Ruth Helena Carotini Pereira, lawyers for over 25 years. The law firm originated from the entrepreneurship of its partners, in the city of Sertãozinho, in the region of Ribeirão Preto, state of São Paulo, where they were born and settled. From the beginning, the partners have sought, based on the resources of the large centers and on the most modern technology, to offer its clients the best and most innovative solutions.

Since its foundation, M. PEREIRA has always prioritized the maintenance of high service quality standards. For such, the firm seeks to form its own professionals, who join the office still as students or recent graduates and acquire their professional experience with the M. PEREIRA quality standards. This in-house human resource formation policy reinforces teamwork based on excellence and generates a common language and behavioral identity that allows the firm to maintain a unique standard of services. For the client, this practice translates into direct access to the knowledge, experience and specializations of all the M. PEREIRA professionals.

The law firm, which started off small, has not only grown physically – its company-owned headquarters have undergone four expansions and now cover 1.000 m2 – but has also diversified. Today, even though still located in Sertãozinho, the firm operates throughout the entire Brazilian and international territory, due to the different specializations of its professionals and to the existing partnerships with the most renowned law offices of Brazil and abroad.

Our reason to be in Sertãozinho

Located in the northern region of the state of São Paulo, the economy of the municipality of Sertãozinho is centered on the culture of sugar cane and on the processing of its derivatives. With six sugar and alcohol plants, two autonomous distilleries and almost 500 industrial establishments, the municipality is the largest sugarcane-alcohol center in the world and the most influential technology development center of this industrial sector.

Sertãozinho is the only municipality in the world capable of building a complete sugar plant, the so-called ‘turn key operation’, with its proprietary technology developed ‘in-house’ by its engineers and technicians. Also, the municipality is a big generator of technology for energy matrixes, such as biodiesel, biofuel, ethane, amongst others.

In addition to sugar and alcohol, the city has been gaining importance due to its natural agriculture, named “agriculture of the future”, which ensures the production of sugar, coffee, cachaça (Brazilian rum) and organic juices, widely accepted in the international market.

The development of technology and the production of equipment for the generation of electric energy from sugar cane biomass (crushed sugar cane) has also resulted in important dividends for the city, not to mention, as well, other thermo-electric products and thermo-mechanical industries that also represent strong economic leverages.

The structure provided by agribusiness offers economic quality to the city. The city is currently the home of the annual Fenasucro and Agrocana trade shows, two events directed to the disclosure of new technologies in the agricultural and sugar-alcohol sector. Together, these two events represent the largest sugar-alcohol event in the world.

Sertãozinho is also the host to various annual lectures and symposiums, from various sectors of interest, including law, such as the Alcohol Forum, which attracts entrepreneurs from all over Brazil and abroad. The city also offers exemplary cultural and academic activities, geared to the community’s needs, not to mention the proximity to the city of Ribeirão Preto, which is 18 kilometers away from Sertãozinho. Access to the city is made via an excellent quality, safe, two-lane highway.

Sertãozinho’s population, due to its proximity to Ribeirão Preto, can count on the latter’s entire structure, in addition to its infrastructure of hotels, convention centers, exhibitions, universities, model schools, bars and restaurants, from the simplest to the most sophisticated, without forgetting the easy access to the airport, located just 19 km away. This proximity enables the quick and easy displacement of professionals from various sectors, and facilitates the city’s national and international ‘capillarity’.

Surrounded by a modern railway grid, access to the city is quick and safe. Sertãozinho is located only a few kilometers away from important cities, in addition to Ribeirão Preto, such as: Bebedouro, Barretos, Franca, Araraquara, São Carlos, Limeira, Rio Claro, Batatais, Catanduva, São José do Rio Preto, Orlândia, Pontal, Barrinha, Pitangueiras, Matão, Jaboticabal, amongst others. The city’s localization enables investments in practically all sectors of the economy, with special emphasis to large size business companies, leading-edge technology companies, base industries, foods, agricultural, in addition to a large number of small and medium sized companies, which drive the state economy.

Among the segments of the local economy, in addition to the sugar and alcohol sector, local companies offer products and services to diverse sectors: oil and gas, petrochemical; paper and cellulose; cement and ceramics; food and beverages; energy; water and sanitation; brewery; metallic structures; fertilizers; wrought iron pieces; lids; steelworks; citric fruits and cargo transport.

Sertãozinho’s industrial development has stimulated the construction of three, structured, industrial districts - there is already a project for two more. The municipality also has a modern Exhibition Center, inaugurated in 2005, and a Business Center. All of this has even further stimulated local business, which has attracted large furniture, electrical appliances and clothing retail stores - in addition to franchises in the areas of food and entertainment. Currently, Sertãozinho has approximately 3500 commercial establishments in operation.

The commercial, agricultural and industrial structure offers excellent economic and social indicators for the municipality. Per capita income is similar to that of some countries in the Mediterranean region of Europe and practically double the Brazilian average.

These values have transformed Sertãozinho into one of the richest cities in the state of São Paulo. The municipality presents a high standard of living, income, consumption, with greater life expectancy in relation to other cities.