Our Areas of Activity

Civil, Business, Tax and Labor Advisory and Litigation

Comprehensive, preventive and contentious action in all areas of law.

Agribusiness Activities

Geographically privileged, M. PEREIRA accumulates wide experience in servicing companies associated to agribusiness, with emphasis on the sugar-alcohol sector. With the implantation of the Brazilian National Alcohol Program- Proálcool, the region in which the firm’s headquarters are located has become a center of international excellence for both the production of sugar as well as for the industrialization of equipment for sugar plants and distilleries and the remaining links of its productive chain.
With the development in its region of other projects linked to the restructuring of the Brazilian energy matrix, such as biodiesel and biomass, the professionals at M. PEREIRA have naturally become profound connoisseurs of subjects related to energy and agribusiness. As a result of these companies’ needs in the juridical monitoring of their commercial, operational and labor issues, the firm has become highly specialized when it comes to dealing with companies in these segments, detaining solid knowledge of their various, diversified production chains. Understanding and speaking the language of farmers, livestock farmers and suppliers.

Mediation and Arbitration

M. PEREIRA, a firm believer in the advances generated by arbitration in the resolution of conflicts, has sought, with its partners, the best and most innovative practices in this segment. Today, the office counts on highly experienced professionals, experts and arbiters belonging to the arbitration staff of respected institutions.


The professionals of M. PEREIRA act in the area of corporate law, in both the contentious and consulting aspects of the subject, guiding and monitoring company mergers and acquisitions, preparing and negotiating share, asset or liability purchase agreements.
Its professionals are prepared to provide guidance and elaborate business contracts, as well as to organize companies, partnerships and joint ventures.
M. PEREIRA also represents the interests of its clients in different situations such as: company incorporations, negotiations between shareholders, corporate disputes, family companies, open capital and closed capital corporations. It is also prepared to perform all the actions and legal measures involving disputes between shareholders.
Still another service in this area is the elaboration of reports and surveys of legal and administrative liabilities for feasibility studies involving the acquisition of corporate interest or the acquisition and merger of companies.

Companies Restructuring and Recovery

M. PEREIRA already has a large amount of experience with the new “Bankruptcy Law”, which brought, among other benefits, the possibility of recovery of highly indebted companies.
In its activities, the office provides legal assistance at all levels of negotiation between creditors and debtors and on all matters involved in the process of company recoveries. Today, these matters are no longer restricted to bankruptcy law, but also involve the analysis and knowledge related to civil, entrepreneurial, corporate, financial, labor and tax law, among others.

Restructuring of Liabilities

Mergers and Acquisitions

This is one of the areas in which the M. PEREIRA professionals have the utmost experience. The office prepares due diligence reports for the determination of company assets and liabilities for pre-acquisition studies and acts before the agencies responsible for economic control for the obtainment of approval for economic concentration.
The firm’s professionals also review contracts and produce contract drafts related to the subject, in addition to assisting the clients during all stages of negotiations.
M. PEREIRA provides legal assistance and preventive consulting in studies and negotiations related to company incorporations, mergers or split-ups, including the preparation of all the necessary corporate actions.

Business and Contractual Relations

Banking, Financial and Economic

Real Estate

In the real estate sector, M. PEREIRA offers legal guidance for the elaboration and monitoring of real estate development projects, real estate incorporations, including the elaboration of associations, condominium conventions, property transfer deeds, guidance and preparation of contracts, shopping centers, and assistance in the client-entrepreneur relationship. The office monitors the management and execution of litigations, related to disputes of any type of real estate undertaking, including shopping centers, such as rescissions of promise of sale agreements, leases, evictions, contractual renovations and revisions.